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Katie Felten, Marketing Strategist

I really began leveraging social media for my business in 2006. At the time I was in a sales role, so networking came naturally to me. Though I had a LinkedIn account, like many people at the time, I wasn’t really using it as a business development tool. I started to use LinkedIn as more than a social network, and began to leverage it as a tool to build, manage, and grow relationships.

As my network grew and I began engaging with people on LinkedIn more frequently, people began to notice. Colleagues would reach out with questions, and what began as a cup of coffee to help someone set up a profile, quickly morphed into MKELive, a networking group centered around meeting people and using LinkedIn to stay in touch. As the facilitator, I helped shift the perception of LinkedIn from a job seeking tool, to a valuable business development and relationship management tool.

That fundamental shift in the way we view LinkedIn is still at the core of what we offer at Strategy House, my marketing agency. Since then I’ve focused on training B2B sales teams how to use LinkedIn and sharing success strategies with consultants looking to grow their business. Now, with countless training sessions and speaking events under my belt I teach them how to leverage LinkedIn to create brand awareness, generate leads and establish their organization as industry experts with clear cut plans and processes.

LinkedIn for Business Development

As a speaker, my goal is to change people’s perception of the way they use LinkedIn. Many tend to see the platform as a job search tool or merely another social network they have to keep up with. Instead, I help them view LinkedIn as a living, breathing rolodex that allows people (especially those in a sales role) to tap into the network they’ve worked hard to grow over the years and leverage connections to grow their business.


My presentations outline a plan and process for you and your B2B business. You’ll learn how to create brand awareness, generate leads and establish your organization as an industry expert, keeping you top of mind when your services or products are needed. Using a three pronged approach, my training and speaking sessions:

  1.  Focus on customers and prospects vs. recruiting or hiring managers. I’ll help you speak directly to the customers you want to work with.
  2. Train your team on how to leverage LinkedIn as a business development tool whether your goal is customer research or reaching out to new prospects.  

  3. Teach you what to do on a daily basis on LinkedIn to stay top of mind with consistent customer centric content, so that people in your network associate you with your niche.

Ready to start seeing results with LinkedIn all while growing, building and managing your network? Let’s chat more about your organization or event and how I can help.

Ready start leveraging LinkedIn as a business development tool? Simply want to grab coffee and set up a time to network? I’d love to chat! Fill out the form to get in touch with me.
For additional services head over to my marketing agency, Strategy House.
~ Katie

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What Others Say About Katie's LinkedIn Training


"Katie is definitely the "go-to" for all things LinkedIn. When she spoke to our office, she gave clear and concise information on why using LinkedIn is so important for our business. Now our office and agents understand the importance of utilizing this tool to further our individual businesses."

~ Kelly Sly, Exit Realty

"Katie is extremely knowledgeable with LinkedIn and her expertise will keep your audience engaged and excited to immediately begin applying the tips, tricks, and tactics they will learn!"

~ The WCTC Small Business Center


"Katie’s training is straightforward, easy to understand and helpful.  She really knows her stuff and can help users at any level improve their skills.  She is a great choice to help individuals or entire teams maximize their LinkedIn experience."

~ Jim Sullivan, WMEP

"The confidence and “know-how” you presented I think really provided some guidance points that we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. LinkedIn isn’t exactly intuitive to some people but you made it seem much more manageable."

~ Rosa