Seriously Social is an interactive two-day workshop provided in a small group setting. As the trainer for Seriously Social, I help businesses in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry create a solid social media strategy and action plan for their organization. These training sessions teach business owners how to take control of their online presence, connect with and begin real conversations with their consumers. This helps level the playing field for small companies who can’t match the thousands of dollars spent on advertising by large companies.

Seriously Social...takes the guess work out of social media, and provides a clear understanding on how to not only create a custom strategy, but how to truly build on the foundation once it has been put into place.
— Trish Hundhausen, Owner at Creative Beasts

Over the course of two days, I facilitate the collaborative and interactive structure of the class to guide you through creating goals for your social strategy, defining target audiences, and creating buyer personas. I help you determine the voice for your brand, and understand social media listening, and together, we set up a listening dashboard.

Having other business owners in the class trying to answer some of the same challenges I am facing was a benefit. The ideas (and solutions) flowed freely.
— Ryan Persitza, Owner of Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge

We examine the buyer’s journey through the traveler’s lens, and develop a content strategy that aligns with the information your customers are seeking; this way, we ensure that we’re creating content for the right people at the right time. Once a solid foundation is laid, we cover how, when and which social platforms to use—examining them through the lens of our buyer, so that we are active where our clients are. I cover the best practices of these platforms, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident on each one that’s relevant to your business.  I share tips and tools on how to optimize content for each platform. We will discuss how to be proactive in your online interactions with guests, how to respond to online reviews, and create a social media response plan.

I was so stressed about where I was going to find the time to manage social media in addition to running my business—but Katie walked me through tips and tools on how to save time and what was going to be the most effective platforms for my business.
— Bridgette McCormick, Owner at Bridgette McCormick LLC

Finally, we put it all together: we create a daily action checklist and our editorial calendar, and we discover how to measure and track results. You will leave the course with the ability to execute your new social media strategy and a clear picture of how to implement your daily plan.

My time is at a premium and without a clear way to measure the impact of my social media efforts I’ve largely neglected these channels. I left the workshop with a clear and realistic strategy and ways to measure the results.
— Ryan Persitza, Owner of Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge.

If Seriously Social sounds like a class your business would benefit from, contact Katie and check out the full Seriously Social Workshop  for more information.