How We Work With You

Katie Felten LLC specializes in developing comprehensive digital, social and content marketing strategies. To best direct these strategies, we work with the marketing team or CEO of companies to develop a playbook as a comprehensive guide to marketing strategy, design, and execution. During the process of creating a playbook, we will analyze where the community is now and set a direction for the future, focusing on increasing engagement and driving growth.

I was particularly impressed with her ability to deliver a comprehensive “playbook” to use as a guide for positioning us a thought leader in our industry. During her well constructed discovery and development process, she questioned and challenged us to go beyond our preconceived notions in a way that showed both her experience and talent.
— Huey Zoroufy, Chief Operating Officer at Quietyme Inc.

With nearly a decade of experience in social media education and training, many of our clients reach out because they are struggling to use social media effectively. The playbook process helps clearly define how, when, and which marketing platforms to use. We examine each of these through the lens of your customers, helping you better understand your customer needs and how to meet them.

Ridiculous ability to understand the customer’ is a phrase that comes to mind when I think about Katie.
— Huey Zoroufy, Chief Operating Officer at Quietyme Inc.

We work with you to develop a strategy and set an easy to implement execution plan for your organization. We research your customers’ needs and help you build a marketing strategy that better speaks to them, where they are seeking information about your solution. Then we provide you with the playbook, which outlines clear, step-by-step instructions on how to build and sustain the momentum of these strategies.

She provided a critical and comprehensive bridge between strategy and tactical implementation.
— Tim Philosophos, Managing Director at FALCON Capital Management, LLC

The playbook is an inclusive process; we work with our clients to develop a marketing strategy, then train them to execute the strategy we’ve developed. The playbook also houses all of the tools, knowledge, and training that our clients need to successfully execute these strategies on their own. We also provide ongoing support for our clients after the playbook is completed through monthly content and editorial planning sessions.

The tailored playbook is a living document, one that will be updated and grow with the company. It is flexible in nature, providing guidelines rather than rules. It is a reference that our clients can come back to time and again to ensure that their communication with their community is on track.

If it sounds like your company would benefit from a playbook, learn more about the process or contact Katie today.

The Process of a Playbook

Companies with a strong digital marketing presence have a good plan. Although execution is necessary, much of it can fall flat of achieving your goals without a strategy set to your implementation plan. The playbook is a comprehensive guide to social and content marketing strategy, design, and execution. In the creation of this living document we will analyze where you are now, set a direction for the future, and provide you with the tools, knowledge, and training to successfully execute the strategy.

While each organization’s culture and needs are different, when it comes to how playbooks are structured, there are key success strategies that are common to all.

The Playbook is an organic document: it’s a chameleon-like document, which retains the same body, but changes color to reflect shifts in the internal and external environment. A good rule of thumb is that once a playbook is published, about 75% of it will be “evergreen” with the other 25% needing to be updated periodically.

The Playbook structure is flexible: it’s not meant to be a command and control document. Rather, view it as a set of guardrails for interactions. The playbook’s purpose is to empower and provide protection and direction, as opposed to being a rigid and inflexible set of commandments.

The Playbook is a reference: it functions as a guide for those within the organization seeking to understand our brand, our customers, and our goals. It will provide direction and inform the creation and distribution of external communication, and offer instruction for the internal management of communication.

The playbook is an inclusive process. Together, we discover key insights about where you are currently. We define who your audience is and where they participate. We develop content plan to meet their needs, then set a strategy for where we will distribute that content, so that you’re participating where your audience is seeking information to solve their problem and create awareness about your solution. Then we determine who will and when to deliver what we created within the playbook. Finally, we deepen your knowledge teaching your team how to implement and execute using the tools and platforms outlined in the playbook.

Katie is easy to work with and has a great knowledge of social media and how it can work with marketing campaigns to build brands.
— Lisa Sharapata, Creative Director at Teradata

Learn more about why the playbook was created, or if it sounds like your company would benefit from a playbook, contact Katie today.

The Purpose of a Playbook

The playbook came about because I’d discovered something that shocked me while talking with business owners, and marketing and sales teams. It didn’t surprise me that many admitted they weren’t confident in their understanding of digital marketing; for some, setting a social media and content strategy was as daunting as learning a new language. What disturbed me was that even those who’d hired social experts to assist them, still felt that a social marketing strategy was a mystery.

This is wrong.

If you’ve hired someone to set strategy for your company, that plan shouldn’t be scary or foreign—it should be clearly communicated to everyone in your organization. Your CEO should know it, your sales team, and your interns. When I realized that so many other strategists were leaving their clients in the dust as far as how their process for creating and implementing marketing plans, I knew it was time for a change.

So, I designed a playbook for my clients that is a step-by-step guide to their personalized marketing strategy. The playbook delivers a solid, strategic foundation for their digital, social, and content marketing efforts in simple and easy to understand terms. More importantly, it houses all of the tools, knowledge, and training they need to be able to successfully execute the strategy on their own. (Although, I do make myself available for ongoing support as needed.)  

If you’re looking for a step-by-step instruction on how to put together a social media plan for your business, then I highly recommend Katie.
— Trish Hundhausen, Independent Creative Director, Copywriter, and Marketing Consultant

I work with the marketing team or CEO of companies to understand the unique needs of the company, and then I develop the marketing strategy to fit those needs. After we’ve defined the strategy, I actually train the team to execute the tasks we’ve outlined, and customize the playbook to keep them on track. It is a reference that my clients come back to time and again to ensure that the marketing, content, and social strategies we created remain on track.

Between her superb organizational skills, her enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude and her excellent communication skills, she was both highly effective and a true pleasure to work with.
— Tim Philosophos, Managing Director at FALCON Capital Management, LLC

So, if you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed when thinking about social or content marketing, or are ready to take your company to the next level using digital marketing, let’s chat about whether the playbook would be a good fit. Or, if you just have questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me.