Katie Felten headshot

Katie is an accomplished Community Strategist and recognized social media educator. Katie’s gift for delivering impactful marketing strategies in actionable language has rendered her a recognized expert on social media platforms for over 8 years.

Now, she specializes in developing comprehensive digital, social and content marketing strategies, working with the marketing team or CEO of companies to create a playbook that outlines clear, step-by-step instructions on how to build and sustain the momentum of these strategies. The playbook houses all of the tools, knowledge, and training that Katie’s clients need to successfully execute these strategies on their own. However, she also provides an array of ways to provide ongoing support after the playbook is completed, including monthly content and editorial planning sessions.

In addition to the playbook, Katie also offers LinkedIn Corporate Training sessions for companies seeking guidance on how to use LinkedIn as a sales and marketing tool that generates leads, strengthens their brand, and promotes growth. Katie has been teaching others how to leverage LinkedIn as a business development tool since 2006, and applies her expertise to help businesses set a company-wide strategy. Katie helps companies build trust and brand recognition among key customers, and teaches employees how to develop sales opportunities on LinkedIn. She provides her clients with a year-long support and reinforcement program after the Training Session to make sure the strategies outlined maintain momentum.

With nearly a decade of experience educating and training businesses on how to leverage social media as a marketing tool to promote growth, Katie is a sought after educator, trainer, and speaker on utilizing social media and content as a business development tool. Katie has adapted some of the tactics applied in her Playbook to help a variety of businesses better incorporate technology and social media into their marketing platforms through the Seriously Social training. These training sessions teach business owners how to take control of their online presence, connect and begin real conversations with their consumers. This helps level the playing field for small companies who can’t match the thousands of dollars spent on advertising by large companies.

When she’s not working with clients, Katie is pursuing a healthy and adventure filled lifestyle. She’s an avid juicer, and in the Bikram yoga studio nearly everyday, but if not focusing on nourishing her body, Katie can most likely be found nurturing her soul through her love of EDM and outdoor festivals.

If it sounds like your company would benefit from a playbook, or if you’re ready to take your company to the next level using LinkedIn, reach out to Katie.